About BOE AS

The company was founded in 2001 by Ingvar Ytrebø as a single person enterprise ... In 2009 this was taken over by BOE AS

We have more than 20 years experience in repairing and servicing of motors (Sterndrives)



Our goal is to be in the forefront of repairs on Volvo Drive in Norway. We will always be price-competitive in both service contracts and on parts delivery.


Our workshop is located at Fiskarstrand, Norway and is fully equipped with special tools for gears. BOE AS does repairs for customers from all over the country. Our customers have given us feedback that overall it was cheaper to ship the whole or part of the drive to us instead of doing repairs locally. If appropriate, we will also be able to retrieve drives in Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim. Send a mail to post@marinedeler.no or call +47 90509274 if you want to do an enquiry. If the drive is in need of major repairs, we will contact you before any work commences. In such cases, you can always follow the repair in the form of pictures taken along the way. A lot of customers appreciate this, and we are one of few who offer this service.